Aon cerca de ti

Aon cerca de ti. its the new reinsurance platform that allows any member of the insurance chain to quote, price, and acquire a business insurance product.

Aon Reinsurance wanted to change the functions of their broker job functions.

They envision the task of quoting, printing, and acquire a reinsurance product. It should be an automated process.

The broker job should be advising and consulting tasks while giving better customer support.

Aon began a product workshop and a product design spring to develop a new product that solves this issue.

We run a design sprint in 30 days to design and build the prototype. Then we tested internally to validate our idea. Lastly, we create a concept to share this tool and 

What is the problem?

Most quote systems in the market rely on getting a lot of information to quote, making it a complicated solution for a fast response requirement.

We focus in the end consumer and maid the assuption that less information and quick response was a key element.

How we proceed?

We use several mockups to create the buyer journey, that allows us to validate the user interface and understand how easy the process was.

Allowing us to create a prototype in a few days, test it, improve it, and to have a technical requirement that was almost complete.

Project Information

Project time: 3 Months

ROI project: 2 Months

Services provided:

  • Product Design Sprint
  • Product Workshop
  • Custom Development