Agile Transformation

Our client, a leading financial company in Mexico, looked for a partner that allows him to understand the importance of adopting new frameworks at their top management.

Most companies struggle to understand how charging a mindset could positively impact their business. That element is the keystone where all this change is going to succeed. Without senior management onboard, any agile project won’t succeed.

This is where we focus our first approach and make sure we have a strong leadership team that empowers this change.

The financial company wants to improve its current projects while changing their mindset to new frameworks. However, they didn’t want to have an innovation or agile talk.

They want to have a solid understanding of this mindset while seeing the impact in business.

What is the problem?

The client looked for an experienced team in an agile transformation that shares the importance and the impact for a business to adopt new frameworks but speaks in terms of the same business language as them.

Since the management team couldn’t attend this matter as their only project, it was mandatory to share the information as summarized as possible.

How we proceed?

We develop a fast track process to onboard the management team in the following key elements:

  • Understand this mindset
  • How to generate value or ROI from this mindset
  • Create a follow up plan to give the first steps



Project time: 1 Week

Services provided:

Agile Mindset training

  • Agile mindset training
  • Inception Session
  • Coaching
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